Analysis of the current several ways by Shanghai dragon money which you belong to


three, Shanghai dragon tool to sell



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, from the media Master

training school

Shanghai dragon the occupation development so far, can be said to be full of tricks, today small time to struggling Shanghai dragon Er tidy way through several Shanghai dragon "of the current popular build up the family fortunes", hope to become friends and peers are some enlightenment, and to define their goals, set sail

the occupation training school is relatively early, but Xiaobian want to say today is training school around Shanghai Longfeng ways to make money, the more famous example: search outside, the old Lu school, on suspicion of advertising so simple here one or two, they have one thing in common, that is all your website, very early on the occupation of Shanghai Longfeng contribution, in the industry have a certain reputation, reputation relatively is relatively good, as for how to train the user through the network effect, due to the small series is not practical, not do evaluation, in this way is really earned money, and has become the enterprise from the individual, this is an indisputable fact, Xiao Bian here is if you happen to have the same idea, and have a professional and good practice Ability, can learn these mature platform, of course if you can combine from the media to do, for early business will have a lot of help


from the media Master can also be understood as the current popular "Red Net", with the rise of the media since a lot of thinking of converting faster Shanghai dragon Er stem from the occupation, the early rapid intervention, but also the achievements of many "Red Net", some claiming to be in the circle of grass, some before it there are some fame, but anyway, since the media is indeed brought a good opportunity to give more Shanghai dragon Er, due to the special nature of the occupation of Shanghai dragon, regardless of the category from the media, or understand business knowledge, the ability of Shanghai Longfeng exercise a consolidation of resources, can be quickly in a media platform to form a belongs to the circle of the content platform to earn advertising into, to earn a commission, by fan reward, even in a certain The size of the user alone after advertising, so that the Shanghai dragon Er since the media do have a natural advantage, is also one of the important approaches to Shanghai dragon Er venture.


is the first position in the media business to do, it is because the media is one of the necessary conditions for the following occupation of Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurial ways, good from the media can make several ways to make money more easily.


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