Thinking that extends from the taxi software

is the spirit of learning


this way of life you love? Chengdu branch in Shanghai Longfeng Shengxing asked a few friends after they answer is very convenient, and usually a taxi difficult, this completely resolved their distress, and there is so much preferential who can not love? The local service is fully open to the public all involved in the Internet, this is the beginning of the Internet era, can let you put it down, to solve everyday problems, we can convenient and affordable, this product is not afraid of the

is a new way of life you love

O2O era has brought what we

how can we learn to adapt to this way of learning bring us convenience, let Shanghai Longfeng along the road of the development of more and better? Do not preach faith > Shanghai Dragon

O2O the era of rapid development, you have not had time to understand it when it has a ready-made products in your eyes. Products for your convenience, offer for you, you will never adapt to culture is indispensable to it, this is the development of O2O early for the market to do. Training people to use it, enjoy it fast, but also let more word-of-mouth, let this O2O era fully integrated into our lives.

yesterday I also experience a quick taxi from the speed is not too fast, when I call after waiting for 5 minutes, 5 minutes during the many empty taxis from the side opened. Have to say that this is a new way of life, that do not understand the Internet taxi drivers grab a single grab awfully. It is worth thinking about, what kind of way of life and to help you, taxi software completely opened the highest wave combination of the Internet and offline. This will be the start of our new life style. The taxi is just a small part of life, however, there are a lot of huge market worth us to develop, O2O way to combine offline and online also let people not involved in the Internet are involved. This new way of life we will fully into the Internet era, everyone can enter regardless of which enjoy its convenience.


changing one’s way of life is a very difficult thing, then change the way most people live their lives even more simple. So the taxi software from preferential start, wait for software on-line this preferential way to make major news media for the software to do a free publicity. Then users are flocking to download as can be imagined, of course, the young group received a little bit faster, and to undertake the task is how to grab a single driver involved? Is the first taxi software in a taxi driver, let the driver voluntarily choose whether to participate in church drivers to use the software and additional orders back to the driver 5 the money this way, and let the mass driver into the software, the formation of the market demand, there is supply.

? market?

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