Shanghai Google mining love chain note

how to send the chain resources? How to find? Why do you send the chain is always no effect or wrong what steps? What the chain is the most healthy? Many people have the hair of the chain, but have not asked his hair of the chain to help no help website? Is you doing useless work, every day up? Or even fall right and be K, this is what causes, not to say? Content is king, the chain for the emperor, how can I send outside the chain, the website ranking not and most webmaster in? Blindly send outside the chain, what did not plan to release, leading to their website is still the same, even the original ranking also didn’t! Is the chain to blame.

1, what is the correct resources accumulated

chain loss rate is the largest forum and the third party blog, classification of information and inquiry platform will be forwarded a lot more, but the most easy access to the resources of the chain and the third party is the forum signature free blog, many webmaster are not what the execution, lazy molding, always feel.


The chain of The pay attention to what?


is the hair of the chain is not every day is good, you can see some rankings better site is not updated and released outside the chain, still occupy Shanghai love home, but outside the chain can not be too blind, must have the plan to release, where brush paste all day, do feel? If it can make up, the Shanghai dragon Er is network migrant workers, just send a few outside the chain, ranking on the home page, that is what Links exchange, directly buy a software for 24 hours in the brush, or find some part-time people on behalf of the feeling, not what difficulty ranking but the fact is not so. I love to explain the mining Shanghai and Google chain

many owners outside the chain is really blind, not the software brush, is an artificial robot, copy and paste directly on the back, most of them are forum character signature, but Shanghai seems to love only recognition forum program code, even if you are in this forum or are the same in other forums to post replies, by number or win how can, the competition is not fierce, can generally be up by this method, but many webmaster will only in the webmaster forum. In fact many of these places, such as local forum, games, entertainment and other large forum, generally have a forum character signature, but also set up some authority, prevent mass software, but a collection of time, will use Excel or other office software to record, don’t always forum signature only, several relatively high weight The forum is enough, the second best, the rest of the resource type to record, classify information inquiry platform and a series of resources site must be recorded, or the next time the hair of the chain and blind searching.

2, the website is not always reach a stable saturation state, only relatively saturated chain will continue to lose importance with the passage of time and content.

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