Shanghai dragon skills those outdated

in Shanghai Longfeng development history, the emergence of a group of black hat Shanghai dragon, they developed a lot of cheating, and even developed specialized cheating tools.

is introduced in this paper,,,,


however, each big search engine engineers are top programmers, in a time of renewal of the algorithm, the black hat Shanghai dragon way lose action.

keyword refers to some Adsense malicious in the title of the page, or three labels repeat keywords technique. In fact, this method of ranking did not influence what to do, but easy to be included in the category of cheating or excessive optimization.

then how to use these labels? The existence of the tag is to help users better understand the content of the website, so use it, should not be, you can use natural.

also believe that many tutorials or tool will suggest the density of keywords in 2%~8%. In fact, this is not necessary, as long as the natural writing, is the most natural and reasonable keywords.

Buy the chain

however this technique, in May 4, 2012 Shanghai issued the "love Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders" had been a failure.


hidden text or links


label. Generally speaking, in these tags inside the content is more important for users, the search engine will give the use of these tags plus keywords. But do not need to deliberately use chaos in the article, it is easy to be included in the category of Shanghai dragon cheating.

some owners through the chain sale level >

but the black hat Shanghai dragon handed down has become a lot of new Shanghai dragon "magic weapon", which often result in the optimization of the rankings do not go up, but his own website also take into account the.

hidden text or links, refers to deliberately add some users do not see the text or links in web pages, search engines can only see.

common hiding method color hiding, font size, location of hidden hidden. These methods are popular for several years, but now the search engine on the CSS’s judgment has been very smart, these practices are outdated, you do not need to study.

malicious use of


in order to help some new Shanghai dragon less go astray, Zhuhai Shanghai dragon in this chapter will explain the outdated Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques.

pseudo original

TagsMany webmaster and love for

mentioned here refers to those pseudo original do not consider the needs of users, by replacing the words, paragraphs, etc. the replacement splicing cheating tools generate batch of waste paper technique.

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