Let the chain borrow arrows with thatched boats with unlimited growth


do some bait humorous type >

news bait in the industry, there will be new things, and we in this industry must itself all kinds of news on the industry more sensitive. For example, in May 2nd, Shanghai dragon industry, love Shanghai released "Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders". Two years ago, Google China exit market, these are all good news. If you have a keen sense of smell, the news has not formed before. Guess some clues, write a press release on their own website, to get a lot of external links. Then a little bad is when the news just released the first discovery, immediately released, it also has a good effect. Is the worst news for a long time, you know, this publication would have some effect, but not much.

dispute type bait, write some have their own unique views, such as only Mr. * * company to sue Shanghai this love is a controversial type. I heard a citizen told the local director. The Secretary said "you go ahead, don’t tell you below the provincial level, with no", the public has been reported to the central government. The holograph of President jiang. The director directly with the change of the public when the secretary. And the young judge. Can be brought about. But remember one thing, can not make groundless accusations, best and related industries, at least with the plate.

let the chain borrow arrows with thatched boats unlimited growth first heard the word link bait, or taking the pendulum. This is just as the right, has been attempted, which also had the success and failure, but still a lot of benefits. You may wish to try.

tool bait taking placed this bait into online tools and plug-ins. I love the two together and say. This kind of bait is more demanding, of course, the effect is good. Make some online tools for everyone to use. But the network of people basically need to use a variety of tools, this will provide us some things. The most typical is the love Shanghai toolbar. How much love to Shanghai? (unfortunately, Shanghai does not pay attention to the chain of love). There is a typical Chinaz webmaster tools, bring him the link Shanghai dragon session friend all know it. If you do finance, some stocks of plug-in. Some of the tools used in the love of Shanghai, the chain is also a lot of tools for making website. Good fame Why not? Flow,

When Production of

resources to the bait bait technology very strong things. But hard not to, will not be difficult. Proficient in an industry skills people can try. Published a very novel very professional articles on its website. If your visibility in the industry is well-known, often you don’t need to advertise someone will help you do link. It is free, the most willing to. Because these things are useful to him. For example, I love dumplings to blog, also free gave him some links, that is because I feel his things written more useful.

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