Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and search engine marketing

He Guijiang: the chain is the search engine evaluation website made one of the standard and how much effort, especially the low weight site is particularly important. Describe the role of the text is, in fact depends more on the other side of the site the weight and quality of the page. But now, the value of text than ever before, but this point in love in Shanghai is not prominent.

He Guijiang: a personal view of the local portal site is important bonding degree of development of local traffic, rather than the pursuit of Shanghai dragon. Some stations even in the search engine was finally sealed off, there is still no shortage of enough traffic. Of course, in the optimization to meet the local users’ search habits do optimization.

He Guijiang: the face of love Shanghai 11, the chain has been in view, the value of the chain is on the one hand, can improve the quality of the appropriate. On the other hand, suggestions to improve the optimization of the site itself! In our Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis clients, there are many such sites, improve internal ranking naturally put up. At the same time, also suggested that the bounce rate check the website, the website itself is attractive enough Oh, user experience is also ranking factors.

He Guijiang: first of all, a complete site internal optimization do not line, the higher the degree of completion, then the final is easy to get the trust of the search engine. The contents of the original + the chain quality is important, but the internal site is perfect can not be missing. Perfect the internal optimization, can make the ranking easier.

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site outside the chain is important now? How to play in the anchor text of the chain effect is


‘s new line of website how to seize the love of Shanghai with "new effect" weight? Content is king, the chain for the emperor?




search engine rankings has been around 10 a few, in the chain has been issued. The site is updated every day, ranking is not, what is the reason?

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anterior to the local Shanghai Longfeng portal

) is reliable?

He Guijiang, at A5 station network search Sales Department, served as project manager of Shanghai dragon. 7 years experience of website operation and search engine optimization, the whole coordination of A5’s characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis service and love Shanghai keyword rankings, rich practical experience. Once in the name of "binary network" published more than 500 papers of Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology experience sharing, guide readers tens of thousands of Internet business road! Good at search engine optimization, Shanghai dragon diagnosis. This paper from the 28 (push version, sub LAN finishing, please indicate the source.

we do website we are talking about the problem of the conversion, many experiences are very low, the conversion rate is not high, the master what methods or techniques can give us suggestions or comments??

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