t is easy to attack and hard to defend how to keep Shanghai dragon ranking

if you think after keywords ranking up Everything will be fine., sleep without any anxiety, can relax, then you are wrong, after obtaining ideal keywords ranking, there are a lot of work you need to do. A little attention, the ranking will drop, although this is a normal phenomenon, but after all the rankings off mental. So you need to do first is common, and often do, do what, now still do what. Then analyze and see how much is the keyword can bring flow, whether to bring the expected goal, you can see a lot of useful knowledge from school background statistics. Therefore, thought must not relax.

finally establish barriers to competition


Shanghai dragon industry is a dynamic industry, search engine algorithms often in adjustment, so there is no immutable and frozen ranking, if you want to keep your keywords ranking long, in addition to efforts and hard work, also need real-time attention to search.

if we usually work post, remote, Jianwai chain, then when the keywords in the rankings also need to continue to do so. Now the ranking results, you a few weeks before the work so now maintain good behavior is the groundwork for the future. To maintain a stable state, can also increase moderately, such as the original five articles updated daily, can now be updated daily ten article. The original twenty posts, you can now send thirty, these are not too big. But not because of the rankings and stop the work of your hands. Behavior must follow up.

first thought can not relax

described below to several aspects Then there is the follow-up behavior of

if your industry is more intense, so the keywords ranking rose to the ideal position will get good traffic, the industry itself is greater competition, in order to get good rankings, we are working hard, so you need to set up barriers to competition. Through the establishment of barriers to competition, to constantly improve themselves and widen the gap with competitors, let oneself advantage more stable. For example, can put more money in the promotion, get more extensive external links, in terms of content, increase efforts to update the high quality of the article, that included more, website weight accumulation, website space, can change IP, change faster space, in order to obtain a better user experience. These are part of the rankings can do, part of it is also very effective.

everyone for having heard it many times a word is it is easy to attack and hard to defend, but many things are this truth, keywords ranking Shanghai dragon is similar, so there are good keywords in the premise of keywords, how to keep the rankings? Many webmaster would say now that go up, never down, to maintain it, in fact not necessarily. The search engine is constantly changing, your opponent in the effort, so the Shanghai dragon ranking is he who fall behind.

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