10 K station causes -K station event summary

2. the chain, the chain in the whole Shanghai Longfeng optimization process plays a very important role, both in terms of promotion website weight or in the increase in traffic, plays a very important role. We need to check regularly for Links, the main view Links website has no search engine right down or signs, such as not every day, or snapshot date site is not in the home page, included the decrease, if that is not timely, your website is likely will be right down to be punished. Therefore, once found this Links, must immediately delete. These are the basic survival skills of a Shanghai dragon er must master the.

The safety and stability of


prior to the love of Shanghai K station events like India deep enough? A lot of the site is K, which relates to the medical industry, Taobao off the site, why should I refer to the two types of station today? (the first self introduction: optimization of group leader of Shanghai Longfeng I FA team). Because it’s typical. We need to carefully analyze and draw lessons, protect your site will not be K.

1. over optimization, which I want to do Shanghai dragon is too familiar, so this part of the should not easily make such a mistake at the end of the day, this is the search terms of overlord engine, you must be led by the nose, otherwise you will be K, no meal ~ in excessive optimization problems, we will optimize the Shanghai dragon group mentioned more in the next tutorial, please continue to focus on the FA blog.

3. website using ALT tags. Of particular note is added in the logo on the ALT, such a description is superfluous, this situation must be removed to easily lead to site is K

OK, we start today’s course website was K 10 reasons, specifically, the medical industry will stand behind the railway station and Taobao.

Whether the

5. website. This is what a commonplace talk of an old scholar here, I will not say

6. website often revision. This range is wide, you may only.

We compared to

4. web content. This is also the case behind will emphasize an important key point. The content of the website and the user experience is directly linked to the search engine. Now more and more attention to the user experience, if others come to your website through search engines to find that there is not the content of the website and the keywords provided by you or by a large number of irrelevant keywords is piling up content, then congratulations, you in the near future the station will be K is off, K must go to suffer a big. Therefore, we consider from the perspective of the user provided content, users can truly bring useful content is good content ~ really so, to everyone’s Web site can last removed in the online world, please pay attention to your website. This but reflect the core competitiveness of your website, your website is the direct embodiment of the connotation of ~

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