From on the use of love Shanghai Hoplinks hung black chain problem statement thought

has come up with a simple website VIP that Shanghai dragon, as shown in the figure are the author search "Shanghai dragon VIP" and "Shanghai dragon training" after the website

users through different series of key after entering the Shanghai love will come through the analysis of such a link up, so I guess, because the hyperlink is different, so for ranking or some impact, but the number of times this link opened much later, may also have a certain role in ranking. After all, when the number of times a link to open more, will lead to love Shanghai, so as to find out what the site is doing, there is no cheating. So, this situation may have relevance and keyword ranking.

does not know the parameters of this series is what meaning, but you can see the corresponding different keywords love Shanghai Hoplinks is different, it seems that in love Shanghai, he is to monitor the whole flow and keywords can be found is the key to this website, click rate, bounce rate, get web traffic, how to experience after the analysis of information transmission can easily get back when the users of this website and so on, has been unable to perceive the spider visual sense, however, can we experience to get the information on this website.



. After the Although

No. 18, love Shanghai "published an article on the use of love Shanghai Hoplinks hung black chain problem statement", the above describes the site was hung black chain, and then use a way Hoplinks love Shanghai cheating, just read the entire article, very little space, but cause I think, for this link, why, because love Shanghai links since issued a statement, so naturally there is definitely a need to pay attention to the following parts, is the small part of the thought.

.The first point:

and possible website keywords associated guide one click


link is nothing more than love Shanghai link with /link? Url= parameter name, such as link state, and then click to enter the page of the website, which belongs to the Shanghai love to jump, but then, what’s the meaning of this link? We through this link chain in the end there is no look at the method? I guess

style case love Shanghai link, as shown in figure

second: the black chain, is likely to lead the spider to crawl the

Look at the


love of Shanghai issued a statement saying the black chain, then love Hoplinks endemic to Shanghai, also let us see the other different, if the ranking keyword URL different, so do the black chain is designed to let the spider through this unique key to >

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