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love Shanghai understanding, find a 360 site security guards of the article, but to the article, can be very good to prevent the site is malicious attacks, and love Shanghai to accelerate the music. In addition, note that the acceleration record of the general website can use 360 security guards (the national policy, there is no way) and other services, if there is no record currently only provides high imitation DNS protection services.

for this method I don’t know what effect, now I have been set up for several days, also do not know how to. But this practice is not really able to prevent malicious attacks. I think, FTP can not be used, certainly will not be malicious to upload articles.


! site do preventive measures

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site security guardsHow to prevent the site was attacked


1, the use of safety website source code


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site is malicious attacks, can be said that the website is not good development. Before, as long as the site was attacked, my way is, directly to the program to delete and re do a new station. However, soon to be a new station, or malicious attacks. So how to prevent malicious attacks website? What way? The following rnto technology based on years of experience of Guangzhou website construction summed up the following points! Need friends can look at


virtual host background has a set of a set of executive authority, write permissions. The two function is the same feeling, an execution, a write, my approach is directly closed write access site. We need to pay attention to, this setting, FTP cannot be used to upload files. Moreover, the binding of the sub directory of the domain name of the site will be locked. And I also tested, the site background can not upload files, can be used to copy and paste.

site was attacked, the most obvious manifestation is the use of the source code there is a loophole, someone is using your code vulnerabilities to add some malicious code, upload program. For how they attack, I am not interested in, because that is the method for the villain.

so, when you do, the best use of some famous programs, like dreams, discuz, WordPress and other procedures. For some other free download also should pay attention to, these free may have been added to malicious code. Before I install a plugin will automatically add Links.


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