How led the team to the performance from 0 to eighty million


1: project layout: operation guidance of Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai more and the effect of the bid is not good, the price is more and more high, how to break through the performance situation? Has recently been in the research, to consult the Shanghai dragon Master, combined with their years of practical experience, then there is the "I am how to lead the team to the performance from 0 to eighty million" series, this series has been number of peer guidance, thank you for your guidance.

Babaqianwan? In the master might be a sort of digital, perhaps some people do not believe, whether you believe it or not, anyway I do! Only believe in yourself, to create a brilliant performance! If you think it is impossible, you don’t need to look down, because of the difficulties in front of us has will you down, see far goal, how do you achieve goals? Faith, identify the target, solve the difficulties, the performance target can be achieved.

must first explain, I said to the performance is not just my personal credit, is the result of team struggle. Thanks to the support of the boss at work, thanks to the struggle in the first line of the consulting colleagues, especially thanks to struggle together buddy, without you, you will not have so brilliant achievements, every one of you the names of all I have in mind in mind, never forget. It is you, the performance will be more brilliant.

other nonsense not say, let us sort out what patients to diagnosis the entire process:

other than that, today and everyone to share the first "project layout:

medical Shanghai dragon dilemma


of the series in addition to the actual operation of the dry cargo, more important is the operation of thinking, from the layout of the project, the actual operation, the project operation cost of multi angle to analyze, explain in detail the website ranking how to do, how to seize the news source, ranking software stations to quickly seize the ranking, more important is to let the team is more outstanding, so the performance of a more brilliant, only in this way, the project can do better.


? The

from here you can clearly see, the search engine ranking is the optimization of the core, to seize the ranking way can use web stations, news sources and software stations network >

team is the basic performance of


you thought highly, development height decides the project

The performance of operation optimization guidance"


as a good Shanghai dragon ER, thinking do not limit the keywords ranking is assigned to the station, as long as the cost is reasonable, use all reasonable resources to search engine ranking. "Whether black or white, as long as it can catch mice is a good cat," said Deng grandpa is not

a person can only do things, only one team can success.

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