Analysis of business Shanghai dragon contest linkbait example

2, the temptation of interests. The cash bonus is roughly two times last year, the highest single ten thousand yuan of funds to make a lot of grassroots Adsense echocardiography, also called group purchase website 24 coupons will choose a ticket as the 24 director in the Shanghai dragon game before ten, the annual salary of more than 10W. The total reward, certainly a lot of people watching, water.

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said that, let us witness the "electricity business circle" to show the "link bait" power for us, this is just the beginning, screenshots are as follows.

recently most of the people all know that "the first session of the electricity supplier Shanghai dragon contest" striker first ready to participate in the personal blog also reproduced. I think the one hand from the resources to the technology of Nb too many people, on the other hand the new blog main keywords "Hefei Shanghai dragon" has no fix, so Jingxiaxinlai farming their own three acres divided field, but can still crowd. Well, if the way, as a novice webmaster do not know what the link bait, in other words do not know how to create link bait? Then this "electric business circle" game full of to show us what is linkbait. Why do listen to the final judgement, striker weiweidaolai.

3, plug-in bait. We will find is one of the conditions will match unified label and link to the site, and the prominent position of the station display, this link is the lever. As can be imagined, this station link chain effect is self-evident.

although the campaign aims to promote the brand, but it is a successful link bait. A little difficult for individual owners to create a hard link bait, but through the analysis we found that the best method to create link bait to attract owners, the blogger’s attention, let them feel the link to your bait page facing your users have a lot of help, this is called "bait". The Hefei striker, Shanghai Dragon (贵族宝贝anhui Shanghai dragon.Org) original, welcome to reprint, please keep this link, you

1, enough news gimmick bait. "Sponsored by the business forum, Tai Chi circle sponsor, caifutong, at the WHY forum, Shanghai dragon, stationmaster net, a push…… Overall, Lai Linfeng, Jiang Likun, "Wang Tong, light and so on a number of Shanghai Peng dragon celebrities as judges, this is an event in the Shanghai dragon world. So many famous enterprises gathered, can not an explosion news? The eye-catching nature be nothing difficult. Look at the love Shanghai index geometrically knew.


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