The chain approach B2B platform website

keyword ranking, or in order to obtain the flow, the chain is simply a web site, even if your site’s content is again high, even if the user experience is good, there is still No one shows any interest in the chain.

fifth, the above mentioned one layer of meaning is, the B2B website had a role in the promotion, the second layer of meaning, collected a good B2B site, other sites to do optimization next time, can be repeated use of registration.

second, how to find the right B2B website, here we introduced a method in the search for "love the sea, you can search information of supply and demand" to a lot, the B2B website, I counted down in this type of platform released an enterprise information (including registration, company information, product information from one to two several Links), need 3 minutes only, the hair of the chain is to efficiency. B2B many sites, a website only over these contents, single B2B website possibility of your site drop right is very little.

Whether it is for the

third, this kind of platform can be repeated, repeated here released is the release of supply and demand information, if approved, can be released after a day, issued a message, the amount of the chain more naturally. Of course, each B2B platform audit has a tight song, suggest that you registered mark, which audit loose, which is relatively strict, after repeated when released at a glance, don’t walk the road again.

fourth, outside the chain of this kind of website timeliness is very strong, as long as your company information is perfect, usually permanent retention. And B2B, everyone is there is a demand to go, the chain you will obtain continuous click, of course, will not be like the moment of a few hundred IP forum, B2B site outside the chain effect is gentle.

experience to start the chain is a mess, blog, forum, classified information, directory, site navigation, soft, everywhere, without a plan, so feel the effect is not very obvious. The construction of the chain point, chain life cycle, always grasp the good, the chain in the forum today do not have been acquired, make up the chain to prevent the loss of the right down. High quality high weight chain is not known, such as Links also tried, but for human resources lack of grassroots webmaster, indeed slightly too difficult. After many years of unremitting efforts, the gathering house long, finally found a set of effective methods of the construction of the chain, it is one of

sixth, in order to reduce the time of registration platform, we recommend the company to record information in the notebook, such as: company name, address, phone, address, username, password, and these will normally be used, so the time of registration directly copy paste > Open Notepad

first, scope of the chain release for the B2B website, the supply and demand information release platform, this kind of website, so no worry about the release of the chain platform.

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