2 years of Shanghai Longfeng sentiment different stations have different optimization strategies in

two, adhere to the goal of the selected direction aim to create the first

said, it will be small fresh is 09 years, graduated in June, when Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is in the hot period, plus the time first-tier cities of Shanghai dragon is more and more big, so the chapter into Shun Shanghai dragon training. Join the Shanghai dragon is very simple, is to become a member of the Shanghai dragon occupation and learn more about the knowledge of Shanghai dragon.

keyword The next

from the end of 09 to 11 years, now has 2 years of time. From the original study at home to Shenzhen to interview Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon to optimize Shanghai dragon in this tough period in e-commerce enterprises. Feel 2 years in this time all benefit a lot, always want to share some of what some of the new, pure knowledge is not shared in Shanghai dragon. In this era of information explosion also worried that Shanghai can not find Longfeng information? That is to share some personal experience of the 2 years of the Shanghai dragon.

taught in training, know the real knowledge comes from practice. Without demur, immediately bought the domain name and space. Fortunately, is the study of computer network technology professional background, to understand some simple code html+css. Know that a website is how to build up, and the knowledge on the Internet can be found. So the relative site of this piece was easy, then spent a day in the small fresh WP blog so set up.

, an executive is king, content is king, the chain for emperor

website is built, we come to the practice of Shanghai dragon. So to not forget. The goal is to make your site keywords ranking first is the author of a practical goal. As a beginner when the concept of Shanghai dragon is not too well understood, after all, are abstract narration. So the Internet love Shanghai some information. Now I have to now look at Google analysis guide and love Shanghai search engine optimization of these 2 books is in Dangdang bought. There is a note written in such a sentence: (the content is king, the chain for the emperor) updated daily three article, 20 chain to this note, the next day to update the article and do spend in the chain. As can be imagined in the update time of the next 2 months in what is boring and tedious process, but it is as a Shanghai dragon has to go through the.

so, in second months at the beginning of the month, it pays off, he suddenly found his site keywords finally love Shanghai first, here you don’t ask, how suddenly to fall in love with.

just repeat the content is king, the chain for the emperor of the day, of course, also encountered some of the many Shanghai dragon has to face the problem: for example, suddenly found the site was K, suddenly found included down these small problems. In fact, do not worry, do not panic. Just stick to the normal.

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