Keywords layout is not blindly focus on keyword density

you know, for the keywords layout, we are engaged in Shanghai dragon people, is a very common unremarkable optimization work, because the vast majority of people will put it simply as a single keyword density, namely frequency. But in fact, even a single word, it also depends on repeat some words in what paragraph what point, here we put him into two types of "to consider, one is ordinary article page, the other one is the majority of the HUB page link.


article page keywords layout can do so, still need to pay attention to the keyword density. In addition, the title of the article, there are many methods can many times appear on the page, but also does not affect the user experience, specific methods can think of their own. The second page type hub, because the above links are common words minority, can only use a little bit of text. The hub type ", most is the site of the home page, column page and the topic page, the page above is often a lot of small columns. Column title can be marked with H tags. In addition the page title as above one or two keywords. If the frequency is too low, can learn from the small column column page under the wheat bags. It should be noted that the hub type "to enhance the frequency is not the purpose of direct promotion of a keyword ranking, but just let the search engines can accurately determine the theme of" just in case of low frequency to the search engine can not determine the page theme, no good rankings as can be imagined.

page keyword layout is relatively convenient, control the frequency, there is 7% abroad, the magic number is the most appropriate. In addition, the title above can appear 1-2 keyword meta tags, no so-called (because it does not affect the content within the meta tag ranking). Keywords abroad often said variants, such as me and mine, what is more, Chinese but also on the distribution of keywords after word segmentation. Such as "Shanghai Dragon Technology", the "two Shanghai dragon" and "technology" is a good place apart.

this article we talked about the layout of the keywords, although not on keyword density blindly, but also depends on it, and the layout of the keywords can also be improved through many ways, in fact, in many cases, as long as the master HTML and CSS language, no need to know.

It is rarely the

this article talked about the layout of the keywords, although not only pays attention to the keyword density, but still rely on this. In addition, keywords layout can also be improved through many ways. In fact, in many cases, as long as the master HTML and CSS, no need to know any Shanghai dragon, can put on a single page keyword layout to achieve the ultimate, because the search engine is to look at the HTML to determine the weights of semantic labels. But many people do not pay attention to these techniques, it is very difficult to do a good job in the Shanghai dragon

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