f the marriage of 360 and Sogou, whether it will break some of the strong position of overlord

marriage behind the reincarnation of

many years ago had looked for a long time have Sogou, recommended customers to do the promotion of products, now still clearly remember 04 years when Sogou launched a news conference, the period when the Sohu boss in Chinese Internet, or take the fashion line, because the "show" and "show". A Sohu now known to every family.

is a Sohu, Sogou subsidiary, launched in August 3, 2004, aims to enhance the sohu贵族宝贝 search skills, mainly engaged in the company’s search business Sohu. In the search business at the same time, also launched Sogou input method, free e-mail, e-mail and other services. In August 9, 2010, Sohu and Alibaba announced the establishment of an independent spin off Sogou company, the introduction of strategic investment, after the injection of Sogou is expected to become the next to love Shanghai Chinese search tool. (from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love)

when Google announced the exit when the time for The climate does not suit one. Chinese market, while Sogou ushered in a few years depending on the rapid development of the opportunity, search, Youdao are followed up, but because I love Shanghai Post Bar products such as hot eventually in the search for the second third place, and the gap between market share and love Shanghai is still quite large. As head of the Wang Xiaochuan team now Sogou, the top students from schools, his contribution to Sogou is self-evident, in 2010 alone to Hangzhou Alibaba see Ma, Alibaba and Yunfeng fund accounted for 16% of the shares Sogou, Sogou independent separate operation, Sogou ushered in market share rising, two years later, the Sohu announced the $25 million 800 thousand repurchase previously > Arriba

360 and the two companies Sogou products surely we are not unfamiliar, especially the 360 years through the security free strategy, and constantly challenge the giant’s core interests and the rapid rise, Sogou is an important strategic layout of Sohu for many years layout search engine;

we briefly recall the origin: Sogou

is a combination of "evil associates" when Sogou launched a total of this product and the Sohu’s "little fox" image, is mainly responsible for the product is Wang Jianjun, Wang Xiaochuan was one of the core research personnel should still. When love is not so strong in Shanghai, because there is a market called Google, we want to share Sogou and 360, so I do not love the Shanghai market now in the overlord, 03 years to 10 years 13 years, Sogou development has been in the effort, but has not won. The chance of.

The launch of the

Sogou input method, how much driven by Sogou brand awareness, but the actual user to use Sogou search help is not so ideal, then love Shanghai and Google’s market share accounted for more than 90%, including soso, Sogou, Youdao, search the house three households, the market share of less than 10%.

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