How to create high-quality website content this requirement is simple but easy to use

, not less than eight hundred words

!  There is a little content?The content of the website should be a

two, with an article with three

why not less than eight hundred words. Many webmaster would say, my website is updated daily, the article 300-500 word is enough! Maybe you’re not wrong. We may analyze from the key angle, the first to do keyword, core keywords can easily go up now? Long tail keywords had a tremendous effort to do, but may not have the result. Simply speaking, before the 3-5 word keyword optimization is very simple, want keywords 5-8 word optimization good now, still have to choose.

with an air of importance is what? In the development of Internet, web content should also have a standard, a website content update, should meet the following three requirements:

For example, those who still adhere to the

why do you give the pictures, have also questioned, because writing is not easy, but also an additional insert picture. Do you know now is not only to understand the content, content production, but also the contents of operation, is the master. We might compare, the same article, text version and illustrated version obviously is not a grade, even a >

so, in website content updates, all the others with 300 words, 500 words as the standard, so that competitors do, how do you keep up with? Also followed suit 300 words, 500 words, in fact it is difficult to imitate the success of the Internet, want to go beyond the opponent, must do better than competitors.

website webmaster, how to create a more perfect, the content is to go around the ridge! How to get high quality content? Often see some Adsense ads in the group: "the website content updates, super simple, do not have a word? 300, a 2 yuan money……" This ten years ago and the price of almost no change, but in the era from the media, so the price really can buy good

, is now the speed so fast, what cloud system, video website is a bit difficult, but in a few pictures has not affected the speed of opening the website! In fact, an article on the three picture is the best, then, in contrast, 800 words is the minimum standard of

tide in the mobile Internet, the website has also experienced a roller coaster ups and downs, the remaining sites have excellent content resources, the Internet cannot change, "content is king" is still the same truth. About the content, the logic of thinking based on the high quality content for 8 million fans, and then from the media microphone Mongolia is less than half the time it has over ten million fans, and the assistant salary are over one million microphone Mongolia rumors. In the content of the channel, realized the way also gradually many, last year a network of celebrity A should one day to earn about 200000 yuan…… In this crazy world, but not everyone fame.


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