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To find out what this was,Brendan McManus SJ completed the 8 km Cguizubbino de Santiago on foot this summer in honour of his brother Donal RIP profoundly so. understands precisely what he is doing. aish The GMADA is the only development authority which generated a very good revenue.

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Several methods to reduce the rate of jump out of the site

two, the improper selection of

is a website ranking no matter how good, how much traffic, but the bounce rate is too high, it is not a good or health website. Our business have this problem. Woodpeckers are trees "doctor", then we Shanghai dragon is the site of the "doctor", our website appeared "ill health" problems, so we must find out the reason to treat him an antidote against the disease, and let him grow up healthy, development. Today I will combine a medical website promotion I was recently to talk about the problem of jump out rate, perhaps by the medical station, there are Shanghai dragon is the site of the doctor’s metaphor. read more

How to maintain the keyword ranking

The maintenance of

is as simple as this article unless your site weight is high, otherwise do not easily express, because there is no benefit, if your site is not a picture or video station station also always published these super simple articles may let the spider slowly dislike your website, so the end result as can be imagined, drop right or K station.

often published some original text submitted to some well-known high weight site, such as our A5 is high weight webmaster website, of course write wenyiding is to give users see and want to help, this will make people interested in their website. read more

Taobao from misunderstanding ranking under the shorter time ranking will


with Taobao search rules changing, many people have said that under the frame of time in the search rankings have basically no effect, this argument is completely wrong, the shelf time is still a very important influence factors of Taobao search ranking search ranking! Position depends on the value and popularity of baby shelves time, but between the two factors and how we affect each other? In practice and how to grasp the relationship between the two? We use examples to analyze. Look at a time from the shelf there are more than 1 days baby search rankings, because off the shelf time and for a long time, most people think it should be on the ranking of what actually is read more

The core factor of website to get good rankings

user needs? A5 Summary:

贵族宝贝vlongweb贵族宝贝/ / Shanghai Longfeng article by Xiangyang waylong website construction, starting

often said that the website ranking method, increase the chain, website structure, content updated regularly… In fact, these are not the focus, the focus is whether your website information to meet the needs of the searcher, the role of search engine is the most to meet the needs of users "show users search; for many in Shanghai Longfeng staff, every day a big part is the hair of the chain, here to explain the chain is actually equivalent to a vote, the A website has a B website link, which shows the A website to vote for the B website, but most of them are now sending your chain, ask yourself, vote this way will be recognized? So if the chain can send 99% it is no use here, by the way also is well explained that the chain of hundreds of thousands, but no website. read more

Application developers do three transformation to optimize the advantages of Shanghai Dragon

what is the Shanghai Dragon Technology Based

is the developer to make Shanghai the dragon, you can continue to do the things you love. In Shanghai Dragon technology, you are absolutely montana. Don’t believe it? To tell you one by one analysis of your terrible advantage to the author:

3. do the planning

because you are a developer, you know the basic principle of the search engine ranking. Therefore, the search engine rankings, more or less, you know. In the back of Shanghai Longfeng process, can be targeted to optimization, an antidote against the disease. read more

Analysis of four common misunderstanding of Shanghai Dragon (three)

I introduce the Four Misunderstandings in Shanghai Longfeng common for

error two, will be handed over to the Shanghai dragon network company to complete

software is a typical mass cheating, its function is through the use of program >

the first two chapters, the specific address is: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20121020/466664.shtml, now and then we introduce the other four intermittent errors.

loves Shanghai and Google are two different search engines, their algorithms are different, the algorithm based Google PR value algorithm, and the love of Shanghai is the core algorithm of hypertext chain analysis principle. Understand this, we will not be the same in Shanghai and Google keywords ranking far wonder. My site is in love, Shanghai led search advertising car I ranked second, and led in Google search advertising car I ranked 32, far. Of course, love Shanghai and Google is not to say that no similarities, they have the intersection, for example we love Shanghai site is down the right we have to analyze the reasons, if we exclude the reason many factors still can not find the right down, so we can look at our website in Google ranking, if Google is for us site drop right, it is very likely that because our web server and other factors. General search engine Google leading the global trend, Google launched a general algorithm, love Shanghai will soon follow, so we love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, could also be concerned about the related dynamic Google Shanghai dragon. read more

A5 marketing nirvana, ten times the promotion is no longer difficult to flow

partition on the primary and secondary relations? If deployed properly, traffic landing point deployment is not enough


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform saw a post: "I do not go, go!" why? Not half of website home page ranking, no road traffic! In the construction site, how many people hope to have many people frustrated and go, because the cake is so big, someone will be pushed down

A5 in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis customers, although some sites do, but do not have traffic flow problems, landing a large part of the reason for which is the site of the. read more

High quality web friends of the chain and chain operation method

3. guide the spider crawling the web.

Whether to punish

exchange Links ideal is self-sufficient, of course most owners are not realized, the second is rely on human resources, rely on the connections that can easily get one of the high quality of the chain, of course, for beginners, is difficult to implement, finally is to find their own Internet resource exchange, instant start hard that is a good method of skill.

3.When the

Website Optimization Website early, generally are in no one access state, and therefore can not get the attention of the search engine spiders, there are very few to crawl the site, so the site outside the chain of a chain and then you can play a certain role in optimization. Today small Sheng Qi Shanghai dragon to share with you. read more

Content, links, reprint winning Sambo website optimization

wants to know the importance of links, the principle to understand how the search engines crawl the website. The search engine spiders, from a web site after entering can continuously along the link crawling (search engine company will establish a website database, own and will be arranged, and the database website is with the accumulation of more and more time), these links may be text text links.


two, the link is emperor: high weight correlation link is the king of

, a content rich and high-quality original content is king: King read more

Six ways to create updated every day snapshot of love Shanghai

I love Shanghai in the first snapshot tell what information we mentioned Shanghai Shanghai dragon ER? Love the role of the snapshot, and love Shanghai snapshot update soon that site is protected by the spider love, this is our Links to find the most important point, now mostly love Shanghai to flow. So PR is not so important. So we want to update the website snapshot of love Shanghai every day, we should do what work? I am the Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog optimization after more than two months, now is the next snapshot, now what I do share to everyone, I hope everyone the snapshot is updated every day: read more

RONG Wen Shanghai dragon Er hospital is a good choice

four, okay,

network company is quite small compared to the treatment can be, I think can get 2500 in the network company (one level) is a very difficult thing, really small companies can not afford to open such a high salary. Now, a small company can survive well! And the hospital a light almost 3000 editor. Other job I do not say you probably have a bottom. A small Internet company to pay when the boss will want you to complain, said some companies.

our hospital almost every time someone will come to the interview (maybe we are the new Department, more recruit people from their reasons), I heard the dialogue is the basic question: where were you doing? Is the reason for leaving?… If I give you a new (domain name is new), you will from which to make up words?… What is the expected salary? PS: diploma is little, the experience and ability is more important than diploma. RONG Wen is an example of a diploma is not effective, Shanghai dragon er must have confidence in ourselves. Now the hospital competition is also growing, more and more hospitals began to pay attention to the network marketing this last, send a resume, one day received a series of 5 hospitals, telephone interviews, and treatment are passable. read more

Love love Shanghai Shanghai statistics included data is updated once a day value

took several site management social sharing tools are replaced with baidushare yesterday, traffic statistics tool also replaced all love Shanghai statistics, because with the use of a statistical tool, in view traffic more convenient; the second is for personal use has been recognized for love’s sea things to improve the love of Shanghai is helpful for friendly site. Even if there is no help, love Shanghai statistical tools of Shanghai Longfeng recommendations, search word ranking, with sea included the amount of query tool is very useful for the one and only. One might argue that that love the sea, the amount included in their inquiries to site about it, how can it be said that it is the one and only, but in fact, here is the real love of Shanghai that included the amount of this data, in addition to love Shanghai, any other query tools are not available. Of course, if the site is based on Discuz! X27.2X1.5 establishment, traffic statistics tool Tencent has the advantage of more convenient, richly endowed by nature, but more powerful. Of course, cnzz, 51yes, quantum Hang Road are good traffic statistical tools, the basic functions are the same, we can according to their own preferences and needs. read more

Soft Wen promotion into marketing darling to speed up the development of enterprises to win the repu


then through two examples to give you talk about soft Wen really in effect in:

has gradually faded sentimental years. The taste of love is sweet turned dull. More than ten years of struggle and career, and my husband and I pull together in times of trouble. Havingchildren, fuel, the main melody of life is struggle and make a living. Now the money is not a problem, the garage has been purchased. With the enhancement of the economic level, the husband had more opportunities to go out socializing, I understand and support her husband. read more

Site site title description does not normally solve record

fourth: robots set up, increase the intensity of the chain, and the past two weeks, the title still not normal, but the title is automatically changed again, this time in tears, not jump, not the server, not robots, what is the reason? Net check group ask Google, contrast, found to change after robots Google included normal, but the love of Shanghai is not normal, so in love Shanghai, start from the following three aspects:


the first time: about a week later, is still the site, realized that the situation is serious, the website file body check a times, did not find the jump. So the exclusion site is horse jump factor, continue to do the chain. read more

The 7 most mainstream linkbait Shanghai dragon secret expert


5. plug-in. For some relatively strong Shanghai dragon Er, write a >

4. online tools. In fact, our online tools Shanghai dragon is the most familiar, almost every day in use. For example, check the PR value, query included number, calculates the page keyword density and so on.

3. humorous. We Chinese all have the same heart, love to see some of the gossip and joke. In fact, the jokes website is one of the fastest spreading content. Humorous content often attracted a lot of external links. read more

Confusion and opportunity of informatization construction in commercial enterprisesRecruitment, trai

in April this year, Hi2000 launched the industry website based on " business website, " " business " industry website alliance as the foundation, creating a unique " small portal + " alliance; mode, caused widespread concern. Hi2000 official machine expert


it is reported that the end user machinery industry in the vast majority of enterprises, and many other industries cross strong, these are natural favorable conditions for the development of B2B electronic commerce. read more

Summarize the experience of external links

second: Q & a link. In the four key recommendation of high quality address: Shanghai love quiz quiz, search Q & A, YAHOO knowledge hall, Qihoo ask.


many owners often ask a question: just online website don’t have enough weight to exchange good Links, but did not have enough money to buy a link, the more external links do? This article will tell you how efficient the construction site of the external links.

The construction of

fourth: BBS signature. This is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Note that the first check the source code, can see the site generally can safely do signature in the source code. Otherwise, some BBS shielding, do not effect. Common webmasters to post replies. Just want to leave a lot of signature is the chain. This effect is more and more weak, but the most widely used. read more

Enterprises do not pin all five reasons in Shanghai Longfeng on ER

1 reasons: there is no

2 reasons: Shanghai dragon slow effect.


for advertising, Shanghai dragon effect is much slower. Although too many people claim that Shanghai dragon will enhance the natural ranking, so as to ensure the product image, authoritative, ranking stability, flow sources, but it is still more than a month or more after the matter, the wishes of customers is the site of an on-line, the keyword can row in the first position of the second love Shanghai. This auction can do only. Shanghai Longfeng rhythm that they do not understand, do not want to go to. Sometimes because the server is not stable and other accidents that greatly reduced the effect of Shanghai dragon, and Shanghai dragon this appears to save money actually delay the people to make money work do not pay attention to, so enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng wages are not high. read more