Love love Shanghai Shanghai statistics included data is updated once a day value

took several site management social sharing tools are replaced with baidushare yesterday, traffic statistics tool also replaced all love Shanghai statistics, because with the use of a statistical tool, in view traffic more convenient; the second is for personal use has been recognized for love’s sea things to improve the love of Shanghai is helpful for friendly site. Even if there is no help, love Shanghai statistical tools of Shanghai Longfeng recommendations, search word ranking, with sea included the amount of query tool is very useful for the one and only. One might argue that that love the sea, the amount included in their inquiries to site about it, how can it be said that it is the one and only, but in fact, here is the real love of Shanghai that included the amount of this data, in addition to love Shanghai, any other query tools are not available. Of course, if the site is based on Discuz! X27.2X1.5 establishment, traffic statistics tool Tencent has the advantage of more convenient, richly endowed by nature, but more powerful. Of course, cnzz, 51yes, quantum Hang Road are good traffic statistical tools, the basic functions are the same, we can according to their own preferences and needs. read more

Soft Wen promotion into marketing darling to speed up the development of enterprises to win the repu


then through two examples to give you talk about soft Wen really in effect in:

has gradually faded sentimental years. The taste of love is sweet turned dull. More than ten years of struggle and career, and my husband and I pull together in times of trouble. Havingchildren, fuel, the main melody of life is struggle and make a living. Now the money is not a problem, the garage has been purchased. With the enhancement of the economic level, the husband had more opportunities to go out socializing, I understand and support her husband. read more

Site site title description does not normally solve record

fourth: robots set up, increase the intensity of the chain, and the past two weeks, the title still not normal, but the title is automatically changed again, this time in tears, not jump, not the server, not robots, what is the reason? Net check group ask Google, contrast, found to change after robots Google included normal, but the love of Shanghai is not normal, so in love Shanghai, start from the following three aspects:


the first time: about a week later, is still the site, realized that the situation is serious, the website file body check a times, did not find the jump. So the exclusion site is horse jump factor, continue to do the chain. read more

The 7 most mainstream linkbait Shanghai dragon secret expert


5. plug-in. For some relatively strong Shanghai dragon Er, write a >

4. online tools. In fact, our online tools Shanghai dragon is the most familiar, almost every day in use. For example, check the PR value, query included number, calculates the page keyword density and so on.

3. humorous. We Chinese all have the same heart, love to see some of the gossip and joke. In fact, the jokes website is one of the fastest spreading content. Humorous content often attracted a lot of external links. read more

Confusion and opportunity of informatization construction in commercial enterprisesRecruitment, trai

in April this year, Hi2000 launched the industry website based on " business website, " " business " industry website alliance as the foundation, creating a unique " small portal + " alliance; mode, caused widespread concern. Hi2000 official machine expert


it is reported that the end user machinery industry in the vast majority of enterprises, and many other industries cross strong, these are natural favorable conditions for the development of B2B electronic commerce. read more

Summarize the experience of external links

second: Q & a link. In the four key recommendation of high quality address: Shanghai love quiz quiz, search Q & A, YAHOO knowledge hall, Qihoo ask.


many owners often ask a question: just online website don’t have enough weight to exchange good Links, but did not have enough money to buy a link, the more external links do? This article will tell you how efficient the construction site of the external links.

The construction of

fourth: BBS signature. This is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Note that the first check the source code, can see the site generally can safely do signature in the source code. Otherwise, some BBS shielding, do not effect. Common webmasters to post replies. Just want to leave a lot of signature is the chain. This effect is more and more weak, but the most widely used. read more

Enterprises do not pin all five reasons in Shanghai Longfeng on ER

1 reasons: there is no

2 reasons: Shanghai dragon slow effect.


for advertising, Shanghai dragon effect is much slower. Although too many people claim that Shanghai dragon will enhance the natural ranking, so as to ensure the product image, authoritative, ranking stability, flow sources, but it is still more than a month or more after the matter, the wishes of customers is the site of an on-line, the keyword can row in the first position of the second love Shanghai. This auction can do only. Shanghai Longfeng rhythm that they do not understand, do not want to go to. Sometimes because the server is not stable and other accidents that greatly reduced the effect of Shanghai dragon, and Shanghai dragon this appears to save money actually delay the people to make money work do not pay attention to, so enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng wages are not high. read more

How do see the dress of Shanghai dragon optimization

the whole site look down Shanghai Longfeng factors is not much, really want to talk about the dress of Shanghai dragon optimization, you can see the following:

dress is a women’s clothing Taobao guest website, designed to provide clothing collocation, beauty knowledge and other aspects of the wonderful article for women, daily updates. Now love sea weight 6, Google PR5, daily PV reached 19800, the webmaster tools has 3043 keyword keyword thesaurus.

1, a very good use of robots files, the dress website rejected a lot of useless files in the robots directory, narrowing the search engine grab, to grab more efficient, but also focus on the site of the weight, the following is part of the interception: read more

Love Shanghai new algorithm started vigorously against hyperlink cheating sites

This is The

4. with WWW rankings without

website ranking is the top-level domain name, but the WWW rankings are not, this situation is relatively common, many people practice is to use a 301 redirect to WWW without the weight transfer to the WWW above, this method will have no effect, is debatable.

2. web site included a sharp decline of

website is normal before the next snapshot, but in a few days, suddenly one day in the card does not move. Although Shanghai has always stressed that love and love has nothing to do with Shanghai snapshot ranking, but also pointed out that Shanghai love love Shanghai snapshot update spider crawling more frequently. So, if you love Shanghai suddenly stop updating, is one of the signs of the site to be punished, in this case, it is best to check the Links, see if there have been implicated in the phenomenon, at the same time, look at their own anti chain, better construction of some high quality the chain is better. read more

Every day also is right down the original content also guilty plea

two: other web server with a virtual host is K

: the wrong friends of the chain, causes the network implicated

then I through the analysis of my friend’s website, just know, originally right down and in the tricky problems and website update, but in some other aspects, therefore, do a good job in the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, is not a simple content update, more important is to learn a comprehensive analysis of the website solve all kinds of loopholes, to optimize the Shanghai dragon website! I will write my analysis to share with you read more

Forgotten by the people of Shanghai dragon root

said the first "chain". When you once again to the brain without the hair of the chain, do you know where so much of the chain? Chain function only two: increase the weight and site entrance. I don’t have a lot of weight, increase the weight of the way, what Links ah (of course, a derivative of Links essentially is the chain), optimization of website quality, but the increase is limited site entrance. But why should increase the site entrance? In fact, fundamentally speaking, just to make love Shanghai spider can better find your website content. The role of the chain is only one channel of the read more

Ming order website to modify the site right small Road King great leap

1, ZAC

website is to achieve this effect by what technology, I guess is a directory only on a page, but the page is the default page suffix index. or default. suffix. But I tested these suffixes are unable to find the page. Hope master can give an answer, if I know I will promptly to share here.

As for the

see what the problem?

3, Baowang

Hello, I am emperor order, a few days ago wrote an article about the details of the submission to the DMOZ directory website should pay attention to: "what the website submitted to the DMOZ small details decide whether through". Today to share a I usually observe a small website found some path when. The beginning did not care, and later found the child pages of the web site in the search engine’s weight is very high, I think this is not to mention the right of the search engine (know or have been found to float ~). Now can’t say this method is not able to bring to the site weight increase, it remains to be seen here and share with you. Specific rectification operation is not difficult, simply to make simple changes can make the website, the website weight is greatly improved. read more

Note the ten novice website optimization Shanghai dragon must know

4, do not imitate others big website. When a lot of new line on the website, will go to imitate other people’s websites, especially business sites, sometimes this page in addition to the company is not the same, what are the same. In this case, it is easy to be search engine that is the mirror. If you want to get the search engine interested, best original or false original some of their content.

6, the site included, to refrain from revising the title. Many of the new stand is love Shanghai, GG included, better sometimes think the word into the word title, sometimes think that good keywords, and changed the title keywords. The search engine for the new. read more

A monthly income of 5000 yuan is how to complete the plan to make moneyLong tour Liu Liang from the

remember the first time to go to the old discipline giant network president Ji Xuefeng, "Journey 2" game producer talk about things, specially bought a brand new BMW, not yet on the brand, with a driver. Six months later, the car sold, because it has been familiar with the old discipline.

For the convenience of

at that time, please always eat the old Ji, because other people please do not move, take the old discipline signs. To participate in giant celebration dinner, not really like to participate in activities, but want to let the giants marketing colleagues see me with old discipline relationship iron, can in the advertising budget to swim for long time more support. Pre pioneering, many places are stained with the light of the old Ji, rely on him to help. Thank you very much for supporting me to treat me fairly when I was very young. read more

PR update strange phenomenon 5 days open web site outside of the chain increased to 5 is He Yuanyin

Lantern Festival, Google still adhere to the China oriented features, the traditional festival in the China updated PageRank standard value ranking cornerstone of nobility baby, this is referred to as PR what was once a standard China grassroots webmaster website rating value is often gray, with Google in the China languished, and the so-called love Shanghai weight is increasingly popular, plus the PR value was coming out has been abolished and a few regular updates, we get a little lost interest in it, so the PR update or not is not that what is the value of the webmaster friends. However, because of the lack of love Shanghai official website rating criteria, and the chain sale market is still in PR as a web site link pricing reality, there are still many owners concerned about lifting site pr. Familiar with PR friends should know that the value is to give a web page rating according to the website access to the address of the external links, which is why some web pages of PR or even higher than that of the home page, the reason is that the page has a higher weight of the external links, but as Google is how to put the site external links were calculated PR, say, this article will not repeat them. A total of 0 PR from ten to 10 rating, 0 is the lowest, 10 is the highest, generally with the new domain name of the new station, PR is certainly 0 undoubtedly, some new PR is very high, this is because the domain name before the establishment of experience, that is to say the site is new but the domain name is old. A PR site can reach about 4, the general is already a good stand, but can only say that the site may have some good external links for Google, and can not prove how much traffic the. read more

Let Shanghai dragon optimize four details the effect of doubling the weapon

, a good manufacturing chain forwarding rate is high,

in addition to their outside chain layout in high weight forum, but also to be good at manufacturing chain forwarding rate is high, with the power of people, to help you continue to get by forwarding a new chain, the number of explosive, geometric growth. The high rate of reproduced when the number of original articles, articles, such as the controversial topic, for Submission on the front page of A5, issued a controversial text on the influence of the forum, at the same time. In the soft, cleverly integrated into the web site address, usually we can put the site as a case analysis of the text, so it can reduce the probability of being deleted by forwarding, guarantee the existence and quality of the chain. Therefore, a well prepared, can lead to a large number of forwarding the soft effect is far better than the general quality of the article ten. read more

Four Shanghai dragon master essential artifact

Shanghai dragon is the >

as a qualified Shanghai dragon Er we not only know the chain update, more important is to summarize and analyze the content and data. To analyze the data on the site need tools to assist, today Xi’an Shanghai Longfeng for share four artifacts to Shanghai dragon Er strive for further improvement.

Iis log data as the Shanghai dragon can not see, but there are few webmaster IIS log analysis only know hard, not knowing the site within a problem has occurred. The IIS log can clearly see what directory spider crawling our website and return code, and server stability, we can’t keep 24 hours in front of the computer, but you can see through the IIS log server is stable. read more

Love Shanghai library suspended audit released the chain to find a new place

Shanghai will love ah after a month off the assembly line, Shanghai library will love line is an unknown, has been in the library of Shanghai love chain the webmaster seems to change position, the chain can not stop it, and such a trouble, after the review of the library through the love of Shanghai is certainly greatly the weight will increase, perhaps love Shanghai library has been reduced, which may have any is not what we want to see, so as soon as possible to stop loving Shanghai library chain release is the hard truth, take the effort to find a new place outside the chain. read more

Do site optimization for more than a year of personal understanding of the website snapshot

when I just contacted the Shanghai dragon, when Links and some webmaster, they always told me, your website weight is low, not right and I website Links. At that time I didn’t know what is your weight, weight in today I have a basic understanding of what will directly reflect the website! Website weight is nothing more than: Web site keywords ranking, included the number, website snapshot, website weight general point that is reflected in the site classification system of "treatment" in the eyes of the search engine. Another idea is a comprehensive search engine algorithm all favorable factors brought about by the "value effect" is recognized by the search engine. Today I want to say is the so-called web site snapshot weight system. read more

The Cookie value of another website data analysis

There is

then the permanent Cookie can be used as the only browser to identify visitors. And it is probably the best way to tracking independent visitors, after all, only delete Cookie or reinstall the browser and other similar operations can be eliminated. Here it is necessary to emphasize the point that the permanent Cookie will not have any personal identity information data, it is just a random numbers or letters, only set the Cookie server before you can read.

site for site activities and conversion rate plays an important role! So if the site analysis problems, then I think the boss who would on your activities or put into question, so we need to understand each numerical website analysis clearly, and develop the corresponding strategies to deal with. read more