Shanghai dragon general keyword density how many

, for example, density optimization of key words, like going to the same girl, is the search engine, search engine to understand your own situation, I just want to know what you are currently engaged in work, you said that I am currently engaged in XXX work, make a month XXX, as well as a car, the work is easy, but now is the manager, have XX shares next month to buy the villa. That date will be very disgusted, as if deliberately express what.

is the author of these two sorts according to the group discussion of the results, but about whether it is necessary to optimize the keyword density of Shanghai dragon, the author gave me the answer is of course to optimize, and to focus on the optimization and optimization of the key! Here is not deliberately optimization, a lot of people in order to improve keyword density, and the content to stack keywords, this method may be useful to put in a few years ago, but now it has become the object of search engine hit. read more

10 K station causes -K station event summary

2. the chain, the chain in the whole Shanghai Longfeng optimization process plays a very important role, both in terms of promotion website weight or in the increase in traffic, plays a very important role. We need to check regularly for Links, the main view Links website has no search engine right down or signs, such as not every day, or snapshot date site is not in the home page, included the decrease, if that is not timely, your website is likely will be right down to be punished. Therefore, once found this Links, must immediately delete. These are the basic survival skills of a Shanghai dragon er must master the. read more

From on the use of love Shanghai Hoplinks hung black chain problem statement thought

has come up with a simple website VIP that Shanghai dragon, as shown in the figure are the author search "Shanghai dragon VIP" and "Shanghai dragon training" after the website

users through different series of key after entering the Shanghai love will come through the analysis of such a link up, so I guess, because the hyperlink is different, so for ranking or some impact, but the number of times this link opened much later, may also have a certain role in ranking. After all, when the number of times a link to open more, will lead to love Shanghai, so as to find out what the site is doing, there is no cheating. So, this situation may have relevance and keyword ranking. read more

How to prevent malicious attacks website


love Shanghai understanding, find a 360 site security guards of the article, but to the article, can be very good to prevent the site is malicious attacks, and love Shanghai to accelerate the music. In addition, note that the acceleration record of the general website can use 360 security guards (the national policy, there is no way) and other services, if there is no record currently only provides high imitation DNS protection services.

for this method I don’t know what effect, now I have been set up for several days, also do not know how to. But this practice is not really able to prevent malicious attacks. I think, FTP can not be used, certainly will not be malicious to upload articles. read more

How led the team to the performance from 0 to eighty million


1: project layout: operation guidance of Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai more and the effect of the bid is not good, the price is more and more high, how to break through the performance situation? Has recently been in the research, to consult the Shanghai dragon Master, combined with their years of practical experience, then there is the "I am how to lead the team to the performance from 0 to eighty million" series, this series has been number of peer guidance, thank you for your guidance. read more

Analysis of business Shanghai dragon contest linkbait example

2, the temptation of interests. The cash bonus is roughly two times last year, the highest single ten thousand yuan of funds to make a lot of grassroots Adsense echocardiography, also called group purchase website 24 coupons will choose a ticket as the 24 director in the Shanghai dragon game before ten, the annual salary of more than 10W. The total reward, certainly a lot of people watching, water.

thank you!

said that, let us witness the "electricity business circle" to show the "link bait" power for us, this is just the beginning, screenshots are as follows. read more

The chain approach B2B platform website

keyword ranking, or in order to obtain the flow, the chain is simply a web site, even if your site’s content is again high, even if the user experience is good, there is still No one shows any interest in the chain.

fifth, the above mentioned one layer of meaning is, the B2B website had a role in the promotion, the second layer of meaning, collected a good B2B site, other sites to do optimization next time, can be repeated use of registration.

second, how to find the right B2B website, here we introduced a method in the search for "love the sea, you can search information of supply and demand" to a lot, the B2B website, I counted down in this type of platform released an enterprise information (including registration, company information, product information from one to two several Links), need 3 minutes only, the hair of the chain is to efficiency. B2B many sites, a website only over these contents, single B2B website possibility of your site drop right is very little. read more

The length of the page is too long can lead to not included

website optimization crawl the pictures directly on the binary content in HTML page length is too long, the web page length up to 164k;

site feedback:


website is JS generated for user access, not doing optimization; but the site for the crawler to do the optimization, and the picture also directly to do a Base64 conversion; however after optimization content has not been found love Shanghai included

3, when the crawler crawl do optimization, please put in front of the theme, avoid crawling cut off the content capture all read more

2 years of Shanghai Longfeng sentiment different stations have different optimization strategies in

two, adhere to the goal of the selected direction aim to create the first

said, it will be small fresh is 09 years, graduated in June, when Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is in the hot period, plus the time first-tier cities of Shanghai dragon is more and more big, so the chapter into Shun Shanghai dragon training. Join the Shanghai dragon is very simple, is to become a member of the Shanghai dragon occupation and learn more about the knowledge of Shanghai dragon.

keyword The next

from the end of 09 to 11 years, now has 2 years of time. From the original study at home to Shenzhen to interview Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon to optimize Shanghai dragon in this tough period in e-commerce enterprises. Feel 2 years in this time all benefit a lot, always want to share some of what some of the new, pure knowledge is not shared in Shanghai dragon. In this era of information explosion also worried that Shanghai can not find Longfeng information? That is to share some personal experience of the 2 years of the Shanghai dragon. read more

Voice webmaster are ranked to blame

The This

for 2 years, the most of the time is in the enterprise stand optimization. Compared to other types of sites, such as electricity, forum and portal, enterprise station keywords is less, so the main examination is around a few key words ranking expansion. The promotion personnel tragedy here, ranking pay commissions and a few words. I came to discuss the one-sided pursuit of ranking, and to promote the staff and customers bring troubles.

1, ranking K eager to pour a large

Optimization strategy of read more

Keywords layout is not blindly focus on keyword density

you know, for the keywords layout, we are engaged in Shanghai dragon people, is a very common unremarkable optimization work, because the vast majority of people will put it simply as a single keyword density, namely frequency. But in fact, even a single word, it also depends on repeat some words in what paragraph what point, here we put him into two types of "to consider, one is ordinary article page, the other one is the majority of the HUB page link.


article page keywords layout can do so, still need to pay attention to the keyword density. In addition, the title of the article, there are many methods can many times appear on the page, but also does not affect the user experience, specific methods can think of their own. The second page type hub, because the above links are common words minority, can only use a little bit of text. The hub type ", most is the site of the home page, column page and the topic page, the page above is often a lot of small columns. Column title can be marked with H tags. In addition the page title as above one or two keywords. If the frequency is too low, can learn from the small column column page under the wheat bags. It should be noted that the hub type "to enhance the frequency is not the purpose of direct promotion of a keyword ranking, but just let the search engines can accurately determine the theme of" just in case of low frequency to the search engine can not determine the page theme, no good rankings as can be imagined. read more

Think about love the latest Shanghai right down the chain how appropriate

I think the chain is going to do, as long as a good grasp. The front of the site, included only more than 200. But the chain has more than 1W. Look, a lot of content is irrigation, and many are in character signature in some local forum. I think if this is the forum that is not to do it. The chain do is of no value, the other can do less, do not do. A good outside chain, the chain can be worth you send a lot of rubbish. Another is to accumulate the chain resources. Soldiers of the fine is not much. That is the truth. read more

Recovery of several small folk prescription right down the website

two, 301 to the new domain name

of course, we love called love right down, the official said Shanghai as punishment is recessive punishment, we also love is called a web site by K. Is the meaning of K is not only the rankings included no love, Shanghai has no official K station that included ranking all loved sea known as the dominant punishment.

I’m here with their own experiences to collect some weight recovery after K small folk prescription, of course I have tried one by one, if you can’t, try to die straws when. read more

f the marriage of 360 and Sogou, whether it will break some of the strong position of overlord

marriage behind the reincarnation of

many years ago had looked for a long time have Sogou, recommended customers to do the promotion of products, now still clearly remember 04 years when Sogou launched a news conference, the period when the Sohu boss in Chinese Internet, or take the fashion line, because the "show" and "show". A Sohu now known to every family.

is a Sohu, Sogou subsidiary, launched in August 3, 2004, aims to enhance the sohu贵族宝贝 search skills, mainly engaged in the company’s search business Sohu. In the search business at the same time, also launched Sogou input method, free e-mail, e-mail and other services. In August 9, 2010, Sohu and Alibaba announced the establishment of an independent spin off Sogou company, the introduction of strategic investment, after the injection of Sogou is expected to become the next to love Shanghai Chinese search tool. (from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love) read more

The case analysis is how to identify a station group

had a station group appeared not only in late 2010 when the emergence of a large number of a monopoly industry as large quantity, in 2011 almost a lot of people say that Baidu stations have been killed, but things are not so simple, there are still standing there, but the quantity is not so large. But the station master station to promote the group form, still have stations exist, but some are hard, some are out to see, I point out I found the station group:

three, increased drug industry read more

Shanghai dragon started to understand the 12345 career win high-level support

, let executives see the value of

four, set reasonable expectations of

estimates three, reasonable budget

in your report must be mentioned competitors by ranking how much traffic. We have no investment in Shanghai Longfeng has lost what, give him a sense of urgency. The main keywords can be in your report list of competitors, according to the data of his how to seize the market. How much we can win the market share by Shanghai dragon competition. Then the business will rise on its website has a more intuitive judgment of potential. read more

The experience of 360 independent brand 360 + search search

personal point of view, please advice! The extension of Wu Fei, reproduced from note.

in my opinion, the 360 in the launch of the search, in some parts of the user experience is not very good, for example, we click on the "Q", "news", "video" as "360 + search" screenshot below.

We see 360

August 31st, 360 comprehensive search launched an independent brand "360 + search", and launched a new independent domain name 360sou贵族宝贝 and 360so贵族宝贝. read more

How to create high-quality website content this requirement is simple but easy to use

, not less than eight hundred words

!  There is a little content?The content of the website should be a

two, with an article with three

why not less than eight hundred words. Many webmaster would say, my website is updated daily, the article 300-500 word is enough! Maybe you’re not wrong. We may analyze from the key angle, the first to do keyword, core keywords can easily go up now? Long tail keywords had a tremendous effort to do, but may not have the result. Simply speaking, before the 3-5 word keyword optimization is very simple, want keywords 5-8 word optimization good now, still have to choose. read more

Shanghai dragon how to query the DNS server is in force

?The free DNS server

4. the input you want to query the domain name without WWW, such as fast SEM marketing team web site: press.

Godaddy of the domain name than domestic cheap members Shanghai dragon friends will know that each domain is always cheaper than domestic in many spend the least money to do the same thing in the professional marketing spirit, many Shanghai Phoenix are chosen as the domain name registrar Godaddy fast SEM own marketing team ( is choose Godaddy as the domain name registrar of their own, but there are many problems with Godaddy followed is the most troublesome is the Godaddy DNS server are basically domestic harmony, the site open to everyone in the Godaddy for the other crazy DNS server is not available, after a long time the optimization of the website not to throw away the read more

How to let search engine website content page

The second is the chain

is the chain again. The chain can improve website ranking weight, also can be in a certain extent to the website content page, I know most of the webmaster website in the chain are used as the anchor text of the page, in fact, this is why the first page of the weight is the highest for the whole station, because the entrance of the chain are is the home page, this will give the search engine.

first content. Can not deny the content of the website is the spider food. The spider and special love original quality content, under such circumstances, if most of the content on your site is through the acquisition or reproduced, such content for spiders, itself is not what fresh at all, because the search engine is not to have the quality of the content, but for the high degree of repetition the content is particularly objectionable, this is the author’s personal experience, from the start station, blindly through the collection to add website update, so about three months only included the home page, and a content page are not included. Fortunately, one day met a kind of people, he told reporters that the original quality content is an important guarantee of the search engine included content page, then with a little trust psychology, adhere to a week, when I was ready to give up the original update also find that stationmaster theory when boring, check the website, actually included the content page. Then the author will always adhere to the original, occasionally false original, through the author’s website reached the second charge. So, the quality of the content is absolutely good or bad influence the content of the page included. read more