Alberto Moreno awaits the end of his Calvary of Amarilo

first_imgThe side regretted that this series of injuries have prevented him from competing and helping his team, which is undoubtedly his worst streak and an ordeal. And the numbers prove him right, since If the previous seven campaigns are compared, the numbers are very significant. It should be noted that the two years in Seville and the five in Liverpool, Moreno throws a record of 29 weeks off. While this season and after only six months, the defense has already been about 20 weeks away. Moreno had only bumps, muscle discomfort, some ankle problem and back problems, which makes The average week off was about four weeks absence per campaign. While In these six months the player has already suffered muscle discomfort, tears and sprained ankle, who have pulverized those almost five weeks of annual leave, which the player had on average. Moreover, last season the side added just over two months of absence, something that already exceeded in these six or seven months of season.A streak that the defense recognizes that it has been “complicated”, and that it has come to “despair”. Adding that: “I came to Villarreal to recover my level and the injuries have not allowed me to. I had a bad time, since in my career I have not had so many injuries. Therefore, I have been through bad times, since it has been a long time and in my career I had only had injuries for days and not this. The people of the club have helped me a lot and they have taken the subject from iron, although it has not been easy. It cost me, since the expectations were high and I could not help and be with the team, “he said.Now, Moreno is back. After playing in Wanda and feeling good, he hopes to be on the team and his ordeal ends. A return he admits makes him: “Happy and euphoric. Since the other day I was able to play and it was something that made me very happy, I felt elated and eager to play and help the team,” he said. Almost 20 weeks off. That’s what it has been Alberto Brown outside the work dynamics of Villarreal since the season started. A situation that the player assures is “totally anomalous”, something that “he had never lived”. The defense acknowledged that in previous seasons “the injuries were few, of short duration and only a few days,” he said.last_img read more