Fresh Start for Offenders law praised by CJ

first_img Bahamas Police Commissioner Greenslade gone to UK, appointed as High Commissioner TCI Premier blasts Opposition side for “slop” information, sets it straight in HOA Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, January 16, 2017 – Minor offenses committed in the Turks and Caicos can legally be erased from a police record, to give small time offenders, a fresh start which could mean the difference between getting a job and being unemployed.  During the official opening of the 2017 Legal Year, Chief Justice Margaret Ramsay-Hale praised legislative drafters at the Attorney General’s Chambers for the  74 pieces of legislation produced.  The Chief Justice in her presentation to the guests of the court and the members of the TCI bar council identified several ordinances which she believes will prove most impacting to life in the TCI.  The Prevention of Terrorism, Financial intelligence Agency and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Ordinance 2014 were highlighted.  Hon Ramsey-Hale said about the Rehabilitation law that, “This is to ensure that people do not have lifelong blots on their records because of relatively minor offences in their past, which may impact negatively in such persons acquiring employment or other services. The intention of the Ordinance is to exclude any prejudice which may occur because of disclosures of person’s relatively minor past convictions or offences; and to aid the reintegration and resettlement of ex-offenders into employment by not requiring them or any other person to disclose or answer questions regarding their spent convictions.”   Key to this happening for any ex offender is the time passed since the conviction.  Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for youcenter_img Related Items:#MagneticNewsMedia #MagneticNewsMedia Nearly 30 Haitians caught following illegal landing in Nassau, says Defence Forcelast_img read more

These 200 goggles give you a heads up display while you swim

first_imgForm Swim Goggles look almost exactly like regular swim goggles, but they’re smart due to the tiny built-in computer on the right side.  Form Runners, cyclists, CrossFitters, weightlifters and other athletes have for years enjoyed the improved athletic performance that comes with activity analytics – Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin and other brands changed the game with their suites of fitness trackers and heart-rate monitors. And while many of those fitness trackers can record your swim sessions, it can be awkward to try to read the metrics displayed on your wrist in midstroke.Form has changed that with the first augmented-reality display swimming goggles. Developed in collaboration with professional swimmers (including former Olympians), these $200 goggles use a tiny onboard computer to track swimming metrics, like stroke rate and pace per 50 meters, and display those metrics where swimmers can see them clearly — in the goggles themselves. What are Form Swim Goggles?Form’s goggles are the first swim goggles with a head-up display that show swimmers real-time metrics right in their field of vision during laps. On land, athletes can access performance metrics in real time through devices like fitness watches and bike computers. But in the pool, many swimmers have used existing wearables intended for other sports, such as running or snowboarding. While the Apple Watch (Series 2 and up) can track swim metrics, swimmers still can’t really view them in real time — only during rest periods or after the workout. Plus, wearing devices on the wrist, chest, or elsewhere can impair technique. The Form Goggles solve two problems in one: They eliminate the need for unnecessary devices (swimmers wear goggles regardless) and they put the metrics right in front of the swimmer’s eyes.With Form, swimmers can monitor their performance on the goggles’ outdoor-readable display that captures a whole suite of swimming metrics, including:Interval timeRest timeStroke rate and countDistance per strokePace per 100 or 50 metersLength countCalories burnedVia the Bluetooth-connected Form app, you can customize the display to show any two metrics at a given time. You can also choose to see different information during swim intervals, rest periods and turns. Swimmers have the option to disable the swim screen if they only want to see metrics when they turn and rest, as well as choose which eye they want the display on. The app connects to a few other fitness apps, including Strava, Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks.How do Form Goggles work? The tech comprises two important elements:Augmented-reality display: Integrated into the goggles’ lens, the display provides a discreet, see-through experience. Miniature onboard computer: The tiny computer sits on the right side of the goggles and uses artificial intelligence to capture 12 swimming metrics.  form-app-workout-reviewOn the Bluetooth-connected app, you can see all sorts of swimming metrics, including stroke rate, pace per 100 meters and much more. Form Swimming with Form goggles seems easy: First, install the app, pair your goggles, and adjust them as you would normally. When you’re ready to swim, press and hold the front button (there are only two buttons) to power them on. Then, press the back button to navigate menus and the front button to confirm selections. Select “swim,” enter the length of your pool, and select your swim mode — lap swim or interval swim. Lap swim measures swimming lengths while intervals measures swimming sets. Form recommends lap swim for beginners and intervals for structured workouts or team practice. The experience is designed to be completely automatic — the goggles detect turns, rest and sets on their own. If you need to pause your workout, press either of the two buttons. If you don’t pause, movements like getting out of the pool or adjusting your goggles may result in inaccurate measurements. From the pause menu, you can also access “drills” mode, which is best used for swimming drills like streamlining or one-arm freestyle. After your workout, press either button to pause, and select “Save & Quit.” All your metrics are saved to the app. The googles are made with FDA-certified silicone eye seals and the same chemical-resistant antifog technology used in diving masks. They are adjustable to fit any swimmer, with five nose-bridge sizes (extra-small to extra-large) and are made with an adjustable silicone strap.Form Goggles are waterproof up to 32 feet (10 meters), so they’ll do just fine in any pool you’ll encounter. The battery lasts up to 16 hours, and the goggles come with a magnetic USB charger cable. form-product-packaging-lrgWaterproof up to 32 feet, the Form Swim Goggles come with five nose bridge sizes, a magnetic USB charger and a ventilated carrying case. Form Who should get Form Swim Goggles? These high-tech goggles were developed with competitive athletes in mind — swimmers who spend four hours per day, six days a week in the pool. However, most swimmers can benefit from these, especially for those who love metrics about their workouts. The $199 price point competes with many of the top fitness trackers on the market — Apple Watch Series 4 costs $399, while the most expensive Fitbit on the market (the Ionic) is $250. If you’re serious about improving your swimming performance, I think the goggles are more than worth it. If you don’t really care about swimming metrics and swim laps as a more casual form of exercise, you can pass. As a former competitive swimmer and now a competitive runner who uses metrics religiously, I know the Form Goggles would have made a difference in my swim years. I personally think triathletes could benefit greatly from these goggles, as real-time swimming metrics are the only piece missing from their three-part puzzle. Where can I get them and how much do they cost?You can find the Form Swim Goggles at the Form website for $199, with free shipping and a 45-day fit guarantee. Returns are also free across the US and Canada if you decide the goggles aren’t for you. The Form Swim App is available as a free download for iOS and Android.  Aug 31 • Apple iPhone 11 launches Sept. 10, Disney Plus in big demand Apple Watch Series 4 See it News • Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Galaxy Watch Active: What’s the best smartwatch? Share your voice See It • $399 Mentioned Above Apple Watch Series 4 GPS (40mm silver aluminum case, white sport band) reading • Smart swim goggles give you real-time metrics during your workout Fitness 1 CNET may get a commission from retail offers. 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Rep Leutheuser joins fellow legislators for tours showcasing Michigan trade

first_imgPHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Eric Leutheuser (second from left) of Hillsdale listens to information during a tour of Nicholson Terminal and Dock Company in Detroit on Monday. The facility handles almost a half million tons of cargo each year. State Rep. Eric Leutheuser, chair of the House Committee on Commerce and Trade, this week toured a pair of facilities in an effort to highlight the state’s vital methods of moving product to final market.The group visited Nicholson Terminal and Dock Company in Detroit on Monday. The shipyard was established in 1928 and handles bulk material and other cargo lifting, such as metal alloy used in steel manufacturing.The tour continued on Tuesday at Canadian National Railway’s autoport facility in Charlotte. Legislators were shown the inner-workings of a vehicle processing and transshipment plant that handles finished automobiles from General Motors’ Lansing Delta Township Assembly.Established in 2006, the autoport works hand in hand with GM to move automobiles from the finishing plant to where they are needed for sale. The tour included a viewing of the facility’s rail yard, where vehicles are staged, loaded into freight cars and taken to distributors.“It’s important to acknowledge and appreciate what Michigan trade does for our state and the process that goes into getting things from producer to consumer,” said Leutheuser, of Hillsdale. “These facilities provide good jobs which help the communities around them, boost Michigan’s economy and help keep the state competitive. Michigan’s economy, from farming to manufacturing, has always relied on and grown through trade.” Categories: Leutheuser News,News 28Sep Rep. Leutheuser joins fellow legislators for tours showcasing Michigan tradecenter_img PHOTO INFORMATION: (From left) State Rep. Eric Leutheuser of Hillsdale stands with state Reps. Erika Geiss of Taylor and Daire Rendon of Lake City during a legislative tour of a Canadian National Railway autoport facility in Charlotte, Michigan on Tuesday. The facility takes finished vehicles from the nearby Lansing Delta Township General Motors Assembly Plant and transports them via rail or truck to distributors and final market destinations. PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Eric Leutheuser of Hillsdale stands in front of a railcar loaded with finished vehicles from General Motors Company’s Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant. Leutheuser and other state legislators toured the rail yard at a Canadian National Railway autoport facility in Charlotte, Michigan on Tuesday.last_img read more

A survey conducted by multiscreen video technology

first_imgA survey conducted by multiscreen video technology company QuickPlay Media has found that people who use a mobile device to watch sport are far more likely to increase their overall mobile viewing consumption.The survey of 1,000 18-44 year olds found that 84% who had watched a major sporting event on a mobile device increased the amount of TV they watched on the device. The Olympic Games were a significant driver of mobile TV services, with 52% of respondents saying they watched at least one Olympic event on a smartphone or tablet.The proportion of people consuming TV or video on a mobile device increased to 63% from 51% a year earlier, the report found, with half of respondents preferring to watch live TV on mobile devices, and 40% preferring on-demand content.  Just over half of all respondents said they watched mobile videos at least once a week. Of those, 16% view mobile content every day.“These survey results are consistent with what we are seeing in our customer base: Live TV is becoming a primary driver of demand for multiscreen services,” said Wayne Purboo, CEO of QuickPlay Media. “The 2012 Olympics shattered records for mobile video viewing, and this is driving longer term consumer demand across a plethora of mobile devices. To capitalise on this demand service providers are looking for cost effective solutions that enable them to rapidly scale multiscreen services while maintaining security and quality of the consumer viewing experience. As a result we are seeing more and more companies looking to managed services as a solution to scale at speed.”last_img read more

Ninetysix per cent of all US TV programmes are no

first_imgNinety-six per cent of all US TV programmes are now Shazam-enabled and users are increasingly engaging with Shazam-enabled ads, according to Sam Woods, sales director, Shazam.The company started out as an app to let people discover details about music they were listening to and has developed into a service that lets users interact with TV shows. According to Woods, speaking at the Future TV Advertising Forum in London this morning, the evolution was a natural progression because 85% of Shazam users were already using it to find out what music they were listening to in a TV show or TV ad.Woods told attendees that the company was building a second-screen bridge between mobile devices and the TV. “Nothing has the combined power of TV and mobile. Mobile is an incredible medium – it has lots of scale, proximity, it is non-disruptive, highly personalised and most importantly, it’s portable,” Woods said.Woods said that Shazam had become so popular that the service now had the scale to deliver key data about how users are interacting with content, including adverts. In a recent study, Shazam found that 100% of people who ‘Shazamed’ a particular advert could recall seeing the ad and its key message, while 79% took immediate action to engage with the brand and 55% spoke to other people about the ad. “Using Shazam, people are three times more likely to engage with your brand,” Woods said.Shazam now has over 250 million users and is atrracting new users at a rate of two million per week.last_img read more